The Weed Show puts spotlight on Greene and grass

We live in an age where mainstream media outlets are closing at an alarming rate and thousands of desperate reporters have been left clinging to their jobs, but former TV reporter Charlo Greene opted to get out of the news business in her own way.

With style.

While reporting live on-air for CBS affiliate KTVA News in 2014 for a story about a crackdown on an Alaskan dispensary, Greene literally said fuck it, outed herself as the pot shop’s owner and quit on the spot.

She has since turned her passion for the news to a passion for justice when it comes to cannabis reform, and recently sat down with CLN correspondent Craig Ex, the Expert of Expert Joints, about her new YouTube show, problems with border crossings and other projects.

“Our mission at The Weed Show is to provide the most usable informative and engaged information about cannabis that you can use to live a better life,” said the telegenic 28-year-old. “We have experts coming in talking about cultivating cannabis, how to lose weight with cannabis, how to find love with weed. You name it, we’re exploring that and giving you the opportunity to ask these experts your questions because the show is streamed live Monday to Friday at 4 pm PST.”

Greene received a lot of attention since her career change went viral, some of it unwanted like police raiding her club and charging her with “misconduct involving a controlled substance.” Even though the state voted to legalize recreational cannabis use the same year.

Now based in Laguna Beach, CA, Greene is keeping things positive and wants to provide an outlet where likeminded cannabists can congregate.

“We’re going to allow people to come in, smoke with us. We’re be giving away a tonne of stuff, likely a tonne of weed… and helping people connect and really experience what cannabis has to offer,” she said. “My favourite part has definitely been the community and becoming a part of something so meaningful. I think what sets our generation apart is that what we are really striving for is to be happy and to find meaning with our lives.”

Watch the full interview below: