Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau
Justin Trudeau Canada's Prime Minister

Urban Dictionary defines Justinflation as “When a politician or government doesn’t think about monetary policy; and believes the budget will balance itself.”

The name comes from Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau. In 2015, without even a recession or pandemic as an excuse, he plunged Canada’s finances into the red after nearly two solid decades of budget surpluses.

When asked about this, he said (and this is an actual quote): “The commitment needs to be a commitment to grow the economy, and the budget will balance itself.”

Translation: I’ve taken more than half your income in some cases, but I expect you to invest and create with the remaining capital. Meanwhile, I’ll be using the looted half to make it harder to invest and create in this country.

The left loves this approach. Instead of the so-called cruel act of cutting government services and expenditures, you expect increased revenues because the economy grows “from the heart outwards.”

And yes, that’s another actual quote from Justin Trudeau.

Who is Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau is a trust fund beneficiary with no financial experience. Before becoming prime minister, he was a snowboard instructor and a drama teacher. He worked part-time as a teacher for a private school in British Columbia where Chinese elites send their kids. He was fired from that job over a sexual scandal (possibly involving a minor) and had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Justinflation results from a publicly-educated populace believing “we” are the government. Justin Trudeau results from corporate media favourably marketing a famous last name attached to someone with zero qualifications.

That is how the cannabis file was mishandled from day one. Justin merely said: “We’ll legalize it,” on a campaign stop in B.C. Then he won in 2015. So he put a former cop in charge of legalization and walked away.

The result has been a bloated asset-heavy corporate system. Cannabis flower is irradiated, and more than once, producers have been caught spraying illegal pesticides on their plants. Instead of legalizing the craft cultivators in British Columbia, Justin’s Liberal government called them criminals and refused to listen to them.

Yet, these people were the actual experts. They made BC Bud world-renown. Even today, many of them are priced out of the licensed producer system. The barriers to entry are too high. There is no support for BC Bud in Justin’s legalization.

When they gonna flatten this curve?

Who is to Blame for Justinflation?

Justinflation pours gasoline on the fire. Inflation is the result of the central bank. Far from remaining “independent,” these anti-democratic institutions have always been political. Justin Trudeau would have not been able to run these deficits without the Bank of Canada acting as his personal ATM.

But Justin Trudeau doesn’t think about monetary policy. Actually. He admits that. It’s a quote.

He said (emphasis added): “When I think about the biggest, most important economic policy this government, if re-elected, would move forward, you’ll forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy. You’ll understand that I think about families.”

Justinflation is the result of Justin Trudeau’s incredible stupidity. 

Families are struggling with the cost of living. Medical cannabis patients have to choose between paying rent or being able to afford their medicine. And with the Cannabis Act lumping medical patients together with recreational users, there has been no thought to the high costs of edibles and oils.

That has everything to do with monetary policy.

But it is also the fault of individual Canadians who appear to have no inner voice and merely parrot the narratives given to them by the establishment media. That is how Justin Trudeau keeps winning elections. 

The media, too, are to blame and deserve every loss in readership and viewers. If they’re serious about stopping misinformation, then most of them should be resigning and apologizing to the nation.

Justinflation in cannabis can be fixed. But first things first, Justin Trudeau has to go.