Kimberley Approves Two Cannabis Business Licenses

The City of Kimberley voted unanimously to grant two new cannabis business licences to medical cannabis operations in town at a Council meeting, Sept. 14.

The businesses are both licensed to dispense medical cannabis to those with a prescription. The vote brings the number of dispensaries in town to three, with the two new operations joining the current dispensary, Tamarack.

While council approved both applications to dispense cannabis, concerns were brought forward about security and odour. Council ultimately approved a recommendation to grant the retail portion of the licence but denied the ability for the applicants to cultivate themselves.

“I’m not closed to the idea of growing, but I don’t think we’re quite there,” said Councillor Nigel Kitto.

Earth’s Own Naturals, owned by Chris and Lori Weitzel, was one of the two dispensaries that received a licence from Council. The couple said they plan to focus on the auto-immune side of medical cannabis. Chris was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer over a year ago and, rather than go through chemotherapy, chose to medicate with organic cannabis.

Lori said that Chris has now been cancer-free in his last five biopsies.

“I am walking, talking proof that this works,” Chris said. “I want to share what I have learned with people. You don’t have to be scared. There are alternatives. There are ways to make it easier.”

Chris said the couple visited a number of dispensaries in Vancouver and found the quality of many of the products not up to his own standards.

“We would sell product that is as organic as possible,” said Chris. “We have been in contact with commercial and medical growers who will grow organically for us.”

Kimberly City Council also granted a cannabis business license to DB Kimberley Botanicals.