Lexaria’s “Game-Changing” Lab Results

The food science company involved with Canada’s cannabis industry claims to have improved the absorbability of CBD, THC and other compounds in cannabis through its patent-pending “lipid-infusion technology”.

“We are thrilled to have generated these positive laboratory results substantiating the effectiveness of our technology,” said Chris Bunka, CEO of Lexaria. “We believe that this only increases the likelihood of our patents being granted in due course since it demonstrates how our technology improves absorption of CBD. We have every reason to believe it will function in a similar manner if tested with THC, nicotine, or any of the other molecules named in our patent applications.”

The results suggest that the technology is “5-fold improvement” in cannabinoid absorption in edible form, so while some municipal regulations ban the sale of edibles, the LPs will be sure to use Lexaria’s technology to sell the most potent edibles on the market. This technology represents a breakthrough in cannabinoid delivery by achieving a high absorption rate of 499%.

“I am very pleased with the performance of our patent-pending technology in this carefully designed and controlled experiment,” said Lexaria Corp. President John Docherty. “This evidences the disruptive nature of Lexaria and its technology within the cannabinoid edibles industry, and poises the Company to become a leader in the development of potentially a wide range of product lines with enhanced gastro-intestinal absorption performance capabilities.