Licensed Producer Unblocks Patients Online After Complaints

After publishing a story earlier this week about licensed producer Aurora blocking patients on social media for questioning their product, the company has reversed its decision and also released a new code of conduct for online communication.

Medical cannabis patient Chris Stewart, who originally contacted Cannabis Life Network, said he, and several others, were unblocked by Aurora today.

“Today they unblocked me on Twitter after they released a code of conduct,” Stewart said, via  email. “They seem to have gotten the message to some point.”

“We recently removed a few posts that we felt were not in line with the safe, constructive community we envision on our social media channels,” the company wrote. “If you were removed from our page or your post was taken down, we apologize for not notifying you in advance as to why this happened. Going forward, we ask that everyone posting or commenting on our social media channels follow our Code of Conduct, so we can make this community one that is filled with positivity, compassion, education, spirited debate and healing.”

The company’s new policy states that it reserves the right to remove any users, posts or communications that doesn’t comply with its “rules to help us make this a safe, constructive, educational place for everyone.”

“That being said, we won’t delete posts or communications just because they challenge or question us, as long as they’re constructively submitted and consistent with the guidelines above,” the company wrote, on Facebook. “We want to ensure the Aurora community is one where all followers feel comfortable and empowered to express themselves.”