The government’s new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) leaves out a massive portion of Canadian patients that want to grow their own cannabis.

The new regulations state that patients cannot grow if they have had any drug related charges, specifically cannabis charges, within the last 10 years.

Applicants hoping to enter the ACMPR must declare they “have not been convicted, as an adult, of a designated cannabis offence or an offence that, if committed outside of Canada, would have constituted such an offence that was committed while [they were] authorized to produce cannabis under the act, other than under the former Marihuana Medical Access Regulations.”

But, even those patients not permitted to grow their own cannabis are still freely allowed to
purchase from government-controlled, large producers.

“Everyone’s cheering ‘yes, we get to have our grows back,’ well, not everybody does.” said Cheryl Rose from the Haley Rose Foundation. “If you got busted with a joint or a gram of cannabis and now you’re a medical patient, which is probably why you were consuming it to begin with, you won’t be able to produce your own, but someone who committed a bank robbery probably would be able to, because they don’t have this possession charge.”

A 2015 report from police stated that every nine minutes a Canadian is charged with cannabis possession, leading cannabis advocate Dana Larsen to write that, since Justin Trudeau took office Nov. 4, 2015 with the promise to legalize cannabis, 22,400 more charges were laid.

Larsen’s article was written in March, 2016, if the police statistic of one charge every nine minutes holds true, 58,400 charges will be brought against cannabis users in this country — almost 600,000 in the last ten years.

Many of those charges have been against registered medicinal cannabis patients or those that may have wanted to be but weren’t able to access the legal system.

I’m only using these numbers as a quick example, they are not intended to get a exact amount of charges, which could be higher or lower.

However, in the last six months under Trudeau, the prime minister who promised to “legalize,” the Canadian cannabis community has suffered the most busts, arrests, charges and seizures in Canadian history.

Those ill and ailing cannabis users charged with drug related offences, or even those associated with an individual who is known to be involved in or to contribute to” suspected “illicit activities directed toward or in support of the trafficking or diversion of controlled substances,” that want to grow cannabis for its healing powers now have no ability to do so.

On one hand, the large cannabis producers, made up of big companies, investors, bankers, and stock brokers, both foreign and domestic, are set up and aligned to make billions, and a small number of home growers will be approved under the unfairly strict Health Canada regulations.

They have the “luxury” to supply their own medicine and, in the licensed producers’ case, the “luxury” of making a lot of money, hand over fist.

On the other hand, are potentially hundreds of thousands of Canadians that may want to be approved but are excluded.

These Canadians have already paid, or will pay, the heavy price of criminal charges, convictions, fines, jail times, lost jobs and job opportunities, and denied border travel.

It is this cannabis activist’s opinion that this does nothing to help patients, it actually hurts them and favours the large, corporate producers as patients being denied their ability to grow must still obtain their medicine and, with a past conviction, the only legal route available to them is purchasing from a licensed producer.

As a long-term medicinal cannabis activist in constant contact with medicinal users around the country, the restrictions included in the ACMPR against cannabis patients is a violation of equality.

  • Moi_encore

    Unbelievable & unprecedented blatant & wanton free-for-all assault on our Internationally-cherished Canadian Charter. Shame, shame, shame.

    As a NON-partisan issue, this plant 1st & foremost must be stripped of any illicit CDSA KNOWINGLY wrongful scheduling and properly declared the FOODSTUFF that Cannabis actually IS.

    Secondly, if these moronic corporately-lobbied political racketeers do not adhere to the SUPREME COURT of CANADA’s instructions to release this plant as it must, then all-the-more TAX PAYER’s $$$$ will be spent defending such arrogant negligence in lieu of actually just admitting to BEING WRONG for the past 100 years (of cannabis prohibition that should have NEVER actually ‘passed’ in the House of Parliament) & letting go of this free all-natural & superior non-patent-able ditch weed that humans have co-existed with throughout history..

    Hmmm…. And Canada now being denied this rare international opportunity to TAKE THE LEAD in returning this plant outright back where it belongs & has belonged all along? Because of the FEW greedy Johnny-come-lately band-wagon hoppers trying to capitalize on 35,000,000 fellow Canadians’ naivety by holding us all IN HARM’s WAY knowingly, so just to PROFIT OFF an incubated form of prohibition guised as some sort of new ‘remedy’ to an OLD LIE?

    No sirrie….. Let the plant go.. by sunrise the next morning. Period. Next..

  • Wayne Phillips

    while the condition of ones health can play a determining factor with regard to a criminal record, the idea of holding it over someone as a condition of access is a human rights violation. This is an international violation of human rights. The whole fucking government ought to be facing the equivalent of Nuremberg tribunal.

  • Surprised

    Its an ignorant policy based off of someone’s idea that former criminals will grow for profit. I’m sick of the way the federal government continuously F’s up this file. It also looks like you need a new medical document to get grow rights and that you won’t be able to purchase anymore from an LP once your harvest comes in. For example, say you want to grow your own THC and purchase CBD oil from an LP. Can’t. You’re either growing or buying, not both.

    My doctor (Bodystream in Barrie) has said they aren’t supporting growing rights of patients. So if you want to grow for yourself, you may need a new doctor to write the medical document. I’m not sure why Health Canada doesn’t allow you to apply for a grow certificate when you’re already an mmpr patient. I’m way more concerned that the LP’s have bought the doctors and growing rights will be hard to acquire.

    Health Canada don’t appear to have thought this through – preventing patients from accessing medicine because of a former conviction can’t be constitutional.

    I’d really like to hear more opinions on what HC has done.

  • Jerry Martin

    love ya Freddie

  • tay

    hey fred! i have a question, i have a record , i have a license to smoke, my tenant at my house also does,
    i have a criminal record, he doesnt, can i designate him to grow for me on my own property that is also his?
    kinda a grey area, or if i have a criminal record am i not even allowed to designate a grower of my own and am forced too purchase from LP? thx

    • Good_Doggie

      if you were not a licensed producer at the time of the offense, or if the offense was not cannabis related, you are good to grow your own. The author is wrong, did not read the Act.

      • tay

        so if i do have a cannabis related offense i cant? or

        • Good_Doggie

          So long as you were not licensed to grow or possess medical cannabis at the time of the offense, you can get a permit to grow.

  • Good_Doggie

    The ban is only on people who were LICENSED at the time of the offence, selling their weed. This entire article is incorrect.