Local Doctor Seeks Support From Kamloops Council For Cannabis Laboratory

A local doctor asked the Kamloops council about supporting his own plans for a medical cannabis laboratory in the city’s Dallas neighborhood, but the council indicated that they aren’t singling out any one business. They insist that they are supportive of the medical cannabis industry and not individual businesses.

The company is KamCan Products Inc. and the president is Dr. Richard Brownlee, and he wrote a letter to council requesting that they provide a letter which would indicate the city’s support for their new cannabis business endeavor. But the council has indicated that they won’t be supporting any individual businesses, however during their July 12th meeting the council voted unanimously to send a letter supporting medical cannabis operations to Brownlee.

KamCan has applied for a license that will allow them to grow and distribute cannabis and they are currently waiting for pre-licensing inspection to take place. Dr. Brownlee, a neurosurgeon, says that he will be fully compliant with Health Canada regulations and he has said that his business will help produce tax revenue for the city and create between at least five and 10 full-time jobs.

Dr. Brownlee had written to the council and allegedly offered them a tour of the facility, asking them for their support for the unfolding endeavour. And Mayor Peter Milobar has said that the letter being sent by the council won’t be focusing on any particular company or specific individual’s business, they don’t want to give any preferential treatment. The new business is planning to construct a lab that will be able to produce extract oils and more.