Majority of Vancouver Dispensaries To Be Closed By End of the Month

Vancouver is home to around 100 cannabis dispensaries, but now it is expected that most of those will be forced to close their doors by the end of the month.

Councillor Kerry Jang explains, “Now with our new rules, we not only have the police to help us out, but we also have inspection staff, backed up by fines and court injunctions that no other jurisdiction has. And on April 29th, we’ll start to apply those. Hopefully, we’ll bring the pot shops under control. I expect to see of the over 100 dispensaries around Vancouver that all but around a dozen or so will be shut around April 29th.”

The response from owners has been mixed, according to Jang, but he expects that those looking for cannabis will still have plenty of access to it after these closings happen. Activist Jodi Emery says that this method of regulation for dispensaries is ‘appaling.’ According to Emery, “The original dispensaries in the city have always operated — without approval, peacefully, civilly disobediently breaking the law — demonstrating that patients and citizens need marijuana access. And the courts have repeatedly sided with dispensaries. The city is going way beyond the limits by trying to aggressively shut down businesses that are operating without any problems and contributing to the community.”

Please check in with us and we will follow this situation and provide updates, as well as our coverage of the 4/20 event being held in downtown Vancouver.