Being sick really sucks. If you or someone close to you is dealing with a medical issue, it’s hard to focus on anything else. When the only option presented is prescription drugs, you have a certain expectation that they will work.

Unfortunately, they often don’t or the side effects are worse than the original diagnosis. When that happens, what do you do? There is only one option, take matters into your own hands and try alternative therapies—such as medical cannabis.


For good reason, medical cannabis has been aptly described as a pharmacy in a plant. Depending on the strain, method of ingestion and the individual needs of your endocannabinoid system, medicinal cannabis can treat many conditions and their symptoms. 

The toughest time for a medical cannabis user is the beginning, because finding what works takes trial and error. For those with little experience or tolerance, this can be an uncomfortable.

With the current state of our cannabis laws, legal cannabis storefronts cannot provide any medical guidance and medically licensed producers are extremely hard to access. If long standing dispensaries and medical compassion clubs remain open, they defy the law and face enforcement. Without backing from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, doctors face legal liability for giving advice on cannabis; furthermore, most know nothing about it. 

medical cannabis crossword puzzle

It can be very hard to find good advice on using medical cannabis and if you happen to find the right information, it can be very tricky to retain. So, here at the Cannabis Life Network, we came up with an unusual idea to help you absorb what you need to know, a medical cannabis crossword puzzle. Obviously, this is an extremely large topic and while this medical cannabis crossword puzzle can’t cover everything, it will give you a basic rundown of some medical cannabis applications. 

1. Shingles is an extremely painful viral infection, caused by the BLANK pox virus. Using cannabis can help a lot.
2. Depending on added ingredients, you can apply a cannabis BLANK to a burn, rash or cut.
3. Smoking cannabis is extremely beneficial for patients with BLANK. It's a condition that affects the eyes and causes pressure to build.
4. Although a bit awkward, this method of internal ingestion bypasses the liver, thus, there is not psychoactive effect.
5. When trying a new cannabis product for the first time, start low and go BLANK.
6. If you are feeling sick to your stomach and need relief fast, BLANK cannabis. The effects with onset within 515 minutes.
7. Do you medicate for chronic pain and want long lasting relief? Try using a cannabis BLANK. It will target the pain receptors in your GI tract.
8. Cannabis contains many different cannabinoids and BLANK with untapped medical properties. Begins with 'T'
9. The cannabinoid BLANK has neuroprotective properties and will not produce any psychoactive effects.
10. Working much like a series of locks and keys, the BLANK system interacts with all the others and regulates the major functions of the body.
11. Before you swallow a cannabis tincture, hold it under the tongue for 30 seconds to let it absorb BLANK. Begins with 'S'

We hope you enjoyed solving this medical cannabis crossword puzzle. Wishing good health to you and those closest to you, from all of us here at the Cannabis Life Network.