Medical Cannabis User Tells Court “I am the only victim here”

Robert Néron is yet another long-time advocate for medical cannabis users in Canada who has been engulfed in ongoing legal battles over the plant for the past several years. Néron has Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cervical dystonia, he’s been taking cannabis for many years to offer pain relief to his symptoms. After his license to possess cannabis had lapsed however, Néron was arrested and he has since plead guilty to production of cannabis and two counts of possession. When it comes to his punishment though, Néron believes he has already suffered enough.

“Your honor, I think I can safely say that I have been serving it pretty harshly and at a very high cost for the past five years – a very high cost to my health primarily, and budget-wise a close second… I think my time is already well served, your honor. I don’t think any more punishment needs to be inflicted… I am the only victim here,” said Néron.

The state was seeking a 16-month conditional sentence that would include at least eight months of “strict house arrest’ for him and it would be followed by eight months where he would be subject to a curfew; for possessing a plant that offers him medical relief. Judge Robert Riopelle decided to go a different route and offered the accused a conditional discharge.

If Néron manages to stay out of trouble for at least five-and-a-half months, then he won’t end-up having a criminal record over the incident. On top of that he will also be expected to pay $600 for a victim fine surcharge and he is also prohibited from owning any restricted weapons for the next 10 years.