City of Vancouver Ticketing Dispensary Staff As Well As Businesses 

Vancouver officials are ticketing dispensary staff as well as the businesses themselves, according to information shared online.

In a Facebook post from Roxy Maria, a ticket is shown written out to The Green Cross Of BC Manager Eric Burris for $250.

“They are now issuing tickets to staff,” wrote Maria. “Eric is only a manager and yet he was personally issued a ticket. If this goes on, Eric could incur $7,000 a month in fines.

“If you lose at appealing these tickets, they must be paid in full before you can renew your license or get ID. I really hope people know how much is at risk.”

The Green Cross was unavailable to provide comment.

According to the city’s latest numbers, almost $20,000 worth of tickets have been issued to dispensaries that are in violation of Vancouver‘s regulatory program and 28 medical dispensaries have voluntarily shut their doors, with another 62 others required to do so still in operation.