Neighbor Of Grow-Op In Halifax Wants Council To Address The Issue Of Intruding Smells

A citizen in Halifax is turning towards the municipal government for help with the problems caused by his neighbor. The resident of a semi-attached home says that the smell from his neighbor’s licensed cannabis growing operation is intruding into his home. This individual has chosen to remain anonymous.

Reg Rankin, Councilor in Halifax, went to this home to see for himself what the situation was like and he confirms that the cannabis smell was apparent. He plans on the municipal staff looking into laws pertaining to health and quality of life for people living close to cannabis operations.

According to Jennifer Clark, RCMP spokeswoman, there really isn’t much that can be done about the issue so long as the grower is following the regulations laid out by Health Canada.

We previously covered the case of Kieth Gall, who is a disabled man that had his home grow operation shut down by an inspection team because of potential mold issues. A similar tactic could be used to shut down this grower in Halifax if the officials chose to, so it will be interesting to see if the government will end up trying to shut down this man.

Licenses for small operations like this one in Halifax aren’t granted anymore, but existing operations are being allowed to stay for the time being.