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And we thought Ontario’s LCBO-controlled monopoly was bad.

On Nov. 7, New Brunswick introduced its proposed Cannabis Control Act, which among other things, requires you to store your cannabis in a locked container or room when at home, treating cannabis the same way as firearms!

As New Brunswick’s justice and public safety minister told Global, “For people here in New Brunswick who have guns in their houses, it’s locked. It’s their responsibility. This will be the same thing”.

There’s no word yet on whether New Brunswick will force you to lock up your liquor or medicine cabinets, too.

Michael Spratt, an Ottawa-based criminal defence lawyer, called NB’s proposal “completely absurd”, telling CBC, “It represents a myopic and outdated thinking that has characterized the war on drugs that has been unsuccessful for the last 100 years”.

What else is in New Brunswick’s Cannabis Control Act?

Other measures in New Brunswick’s Cannabis Control Act include a minimum age of 19 to possess, cultivate, and consume cannabis. Those under 19 are not only prohibited from purchasing cannabis smoking and vaping supplies, they aren’t allowed in any establishment that sells cannabis- even if they are accompanied by their parents.

Public consumption is also banned, and the provincial government hasn’t said whether consumption spaces will be allowed yet. Also, if you decide to do a little personal cultivation, you’re going to have to secure it somehow, regardless if you’re growing indoors or outdoors.

Three-step test for impaired driving gets criticized  

The province is also amending its Motor Vehicle Act to establish drug-impaired driving sanctions such as immediate short-term roadside suspensions and zero tolerance for novice drivers and those under 21.

The amendments also include a “three-step test” consisting of:

  • Saliva test
  • Field sobriety test such as walking in a straight line
  • Blood test

It’s worth noting that saliva and blood tests have been criticized and may not even prove impairment because THC can remain in the body for months depending on what’s being tested (saliva, blood, hair, etc.) and frequency of use. That means testing for cannabis impairment is not like testing for alcohol because the presence of THC doesn’t automatically mean you’re intoxicated.

As NB-based criminal defence lawyer Gilles Lemieux told CBC, “Just simple pot in the system, I don’t think is anywhere near the evidentiary criteria to convict somebody [of impaired driving] under the Criminal Code.”

In other news…

Today, NB Liquor, the Crown Corporation that controls New Brunswick’s liquor system and will soon be in charge of the province’s cannabis stores, received a “D” on its liquor policy report card from Restaurants Canada for its outdated policies and lack of action- not an encouraging sign at all.



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  • Turner Kayston

    I think #4 applies to most people, prohibitionists and rationalists alike…

    The types of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis for adults:

    1. The Bible-thumper: Those who ignore that it was likely a ingredient in the holy anointing oil, that have never read Genesis 1:11, 1:29, 9:3, Ecclesiasticus 38:4 and many others, or simply choose to just ignore them all.

    2. The Authoritarian: Those that think that people have the right to tell another peaceable person what they can or cannot put on or in their own body under threat of physical and monetary punishment.

    3. The Sheeple: Those who just do as they are told without question and think the government knows what’s best for them. Remember, slavery was legal. The Holocaust was legal. Segregation was legal. Never use the state as a metric of ethics.

    4. The Overprotective Parent: Those who don’t want it in the hands of children, yet they probably have alcohol and prescription drugs in the fridge, cupboard and on the counter and table, not realizing that those can kill their children and cannabis cannot.

    5. The Ignorant: Those who think that it can kill you; and those who think it has no medicinal value even though it has an LD50 of at least between 1:20,000-1:40,000 and we have things like Marinol and U.S. Patent #6630507. Those that think smoking cannabis is the only way to ingest it, those that think it kills brain cells.

    In layman terms that LD50 rating means that in order to induce death, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one joint.

    6. The Idiot: Those who aren’t intelligent enough to realize that something that can’t kill you (cannabis) is unequivocally less dangerous than something that can kill you (alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, nicotine, prescription drugs). It is a safer alternative to lethal, recreational ethanol and chemicals.

    7. The A**hole: Those who don’t want to admit that they have been wrong all these years and/or have punished someone for it.

    8. The Pig: Those who enjoy depriving humans of their life, liberty, happiness, loved ones, and possessions over non-violent victimless acts such as possessing an all-natural and 100% non-lethal plant. Also, anyone who benefits from asset forfeiture. Cops, judges, prosecutors.

    9. The Greedy: Those who stand to lose money if it was legalized nationally. Cops, judges, prosecutors, cartels, the private prison system, oil companies, Big Pharma, lumber industries, alcohol companies, tobacco companies, etc.

    10. The Hypocrites: Those who think it makes you dumb, yet they will never be as intelligent as Carl Sagan; those who think it makes you lazy, yet will never be as physically adept as Michael Phelps; and those who think it makes people worthless, yet will never be as talented as their favorite musician.

    11. The Nosy: Those who want it to stay illegal because they don’t like the smell of it. Even though by that logic we should outlaw cooking meat because vegans don’t like the smell of burning flesh. They probably think we should outlaw farts and water treatment plants, too.

    12. The Straight edge: The arrogant people who think that because they don’t want or like something, no one else should be allowed.

    13. The Gateway theorists: Those that think it is a gateway drug. If that’s true, Willie Nelson has some explaining to do. Also, curiosity is the only gateway drug.

    14. The “it causes crime” people: Cannabis doesn’t cause crime, prohibition does. Example: Alcohol prohibition and Al Capone.

    Cannabis doesn’t kill people. People, alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals kill people. Which makes Cannabis unequivocally less dangerous than those who have failed at their endeavor to eradicate it from this world and from nature itself.