New Cannabis Clinic Opens in Halifax

Cannabanoid Medical Clinic has opened a location in Halifax, hoping to help patients and physicians access information and prescriptions for medicinal cannabis.

“The thing is most GPs and specialists aren’t very comfortable writing prescriptions for cannabis,” said Cannabanoid Medical Clinic medical director Dr. Danial Schedcter. “We will actually take that over.”

Schedcter said staff at the clinic will walk patients through the steps to tap into the government’s licensed cannabis producer system.

Unlike some other cannabis focused clinics that have appeared across the country, Cannabanoid Medical Clinic charges no fee for patients with a doctor’s referral.

“We tend to weed out, no pun intended, [phony patients] mostly by getting referrals from family doctors and specialists. They are in the best position to determine if their patient has a chronic condition,” Schedcter said.

“Usually they’ve tried numerous medications and have failed. Most patients that come to us are quite ill and have a file that is least an inch thick.”

This is the second location for Cannabanoid Medical Clinic, which has already operated a clinic in Toronto since 2014.