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The Conspiracy in Nanaimo

Is there a conspiracy to shut down Nanaimo’s dispensaries?

It certainly seems like there is, as there is no rational reason why the RCMP would decide to enforce drug-war laws after the Liberal Party formed government and promised to legalize.

Of course, it could be a budget issue.

Perhaps the Harper government gave the RCMP funding for the drug war and if they don’t use it all by the year’s end, next year’s budget will be cut.

Hence, to keep that taxpayer money rolling in, the RCMP is embarking on a dispensary-raid plan.

But if there is a conspiracy, it likely involves Nanaimo-based, licensed cannabis producer Tilray.

Tilray has laid-off workers and scaled back their projections for the industry – and they blame B.C.’s community of cannabis farmers, extraction crews and dispensary owners.

Tilray has hired former high-ranking police officers to provide their security.

Tilray is legal, whereas the BC Bud industry, technically, is not.

Is it unreasonable to assume that these former police officers could exercise some influence over active police officers?

After all, if Tilray continues to compete with dispensaries, then many of these former-cop security guards may soon find themselves out of a job.

When you have to fire a third of your employees, when you have to sink millions of dollars into the business with no guarantee that you’ll profit in the long-run, then it’s not unreasonable to lobby for the elimination of your “illegal” competition.

Of course, this is all conjecture.

But, the idea that Tilray and its former-cop security guards have more influence in the halls of power than your average mom-and-pop dispensary owner isn’t so far-fetched.

This explains the mayor’s actions. Why has he been unresponsive? Why did he refuse to communicate with the RCMP that their actions may be harming the community?

Because Tilray has been a “huge boost” to the local economy.

Is there a conspiracy to shut down Nanaimo’s dispensaries?

Probably, yes.