New Cannabis Dispensary Open In Alderville

As dispensaries continue to pop up all over Canada, a new cannabis shop has opened in Alderville, Ontario.

The owner of the shop is renting out the storefront to a band member, according to Alderville First Nation Chief Jim Bob Marsden. The Chief approved of the store after the owner went to the council in order to be legitimized. “He’s fully legit and he’s got another business in Toronto. “It’s perfectly legal. He showed us his license. We checked out his other business in Toronto and it’s a fully secured medical marijuana facility,” said Marsden.

While the Chief approves of this new medical cannabis dispensary, he is not a fan of stores that sell for recreational use. He says that “The recreation is going to be a whole different ball of wax. For Alderville we’re doing a BCR (Band Council Resolution) against that type of business – recreation.Medical side is different than storefronts coming into First Nation for recreation marijuana,” the chief continued. “We’re against (recreation). We don’t want a bunch of store fronts popping up in Alderville.”

The new dispensary offers a variety of strains, oils, and some edibles. It has been open for only two months, and more locations could be on the way.