Native Roots Colorado

New Colorado Gas Stations to Sell Cannabis

Next month in Colorado Springs, two new gas stations will offer drivers the chance to fill up on gas and buy medical cannabis at the same time.

Dispensary Native Roots aims to open two Gas and Grass locations in October.

While the gas stations will offer service like any other, the locations will also have a separate entrance for patients buying medical cannabis. Customers at the dispensary will need their medical marijuana card as recreational sales are prohibited in Colorado Springs.

The two businesses will be completely separate, but operated at the same location, with “loyalty discounts” offered to those shopping at both operations.

“We figured this gave the opportunity to potentially take a stop off [customers’] trips and give them one more opportunity to shop with us,” said Native Roots spokesperson Dave Cuesta.

Colorado law prohibits consumption in public spaces, so patients will only be able to buy cannabis at the location, not use it.

When the the Gas and Grass locations open in October, Native Roots will have 13 locations across Colorado.