New Vaporizer Device Uses Instant-Coffee Style Pods

A new vaporizer device allows cannabis users to enjoy with the speed and convenience of a cup of coffee.

Massachusetts start-up CannaKorp has developed a vaporizer called the CannaCloud that uses pre-ground marijuana in single-use pods.

CannaKorp co-founder and president Michael Bourque said preparing cannabis for use is an archaic process and doesn’t allow users full control over their dosage.

“CannaKorp is going to upgrade the whole experience of using medical marijuana,” said Bourque. “Our goal is to simplify and improve the medical marijuana experience for millions of users worldwide.”

Each dose is self-contained and labelled with strain and dosage, filled with cannabis by partner growers and processors.

Users place their cannabis into the CannaCloud and, in less than a minute, the system fills with vapour, eliminating smoke, and ready for inhalation.

Before becoming CannaKorp CEO, Dave Manly served as senior vice president of Keurig, which famously popularized single-use, pod-based coffee systems.

“The CannaCloud system reminds me a lot of the early days at Keurig—it offers a similar consumer proposition of speed and convenience and consumers exposed to the CannaCloud really love it,” said Manly.

CannaKorp expects the CannaCloud vaporizer to be available, in locations where cannabis is approved, in the fall of 2016.