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No Successful Appeals At Latest Vancouver Board of Variance Hearing

Six Vancouver dispensaries that had had their initial business license application denied by the city went to the Board of Variance last night, hoping to appeal the decision.

Seymour Wellness Society (1304 Seymour St) and Cannawide (1864 West 4th Ave) both had their appeals for variance denied, with the board voting against the businesses.

Seymour Wellness Society had requested an additional adjournment for their license, after receiving an initial stay of decision when they had originally been in front of the board, Jun. 1, this time the board voted against giving the shop more time and denied their appeal altogether.

Cannawide’s license had been initially denied after the city went through its declustering process, selecting only one shop to proceed with licensing when several are within 300 metres of one another.

A supporter of Cannawide that had come from Vancouver Island for the hearing wrote on Facebook that she watched one of the best dispensaries she had seen “nuked” by the city last night and that the declustering process was “perhaps the most moronic instinct municipalities have.”


All four of the remaining appeals were adjourned until later in the fall with Green Room Society (555 Dunsmuir St) returning at the next Board of Variance meeting Oct. 5 and three Medical Mary-Jane Canada Society shops (1284 East 12th Ave, 6435 Victoria Drive and 8265 Main Street)  at the board in November.

The next board hearing is scheduled for Oct. 5.