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Some people believe that using cannabis makes you slow and forgetful but others would argue that it doesn’t. Back in the Reefer Madness days, the word on the street was that cannabis killed brain cells, but, that turned out to be backward.

Today, we know that cannabis has extremely neuroprotective properties and can benefit conditions in the brain. The forgetful stoner stigma is becoming a thing of the past.

Still, it’s hard to shake that image; especially if you have ever watched a stoner try to go anywhere. No one can run around their house trying to remember everything quite like a pothead. It’s understandable because after all, smoking cannabis comes with quite a few accessories. If your stash is together, you can get stoned; it’s really as simple as that.

Get organized

Changing this pattern is easy but it takes a bit of planning and mindfulness. There are some things you can do to keep your stuff and stash organized and ready to go. It all comes down to pre-planning.

  • Stoner spot – Designate a spot that is specifically for all of your cannabis-related items. If discretion is an issue, make sure that this spot is private but accessible. 
  • Buy multiples – When using cannabis requires certain items and tools, it’s important to have multiples available. If you rely on a torch to smoke dabs and only have one, you’re asking for trouble. 
  • Make kits – Rather than finding your supplies each day, prepare small kits and stash them somewhere safe. 
  • Wallet – For emergencies, keep some basics in your wallet. Tuck away a pack of matches and flatten a few rollies between two cards.

Weed Wordsearch

Let’s get you organized by setting out all the things you need before you leave the house. Need a list? Find it in the weed wordsearch below.

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What do you do to make sure that you stay stoned and organized? Share your tips in the comments!