Osoyoos Cannabis Shop Shut Down After Less Than a Week

After only a few days in operation, an Osoyoos medical cannabis business has been ordered to shut down by the city.

Star Buds Canada manager Grant Bruce said accusations from the city that the store was selling cannabis were untrue.

“We are a medical access society … we are not a dispensary … we do not sell marijuana because it’s still illegal,” said Bruce.

Osoyoos building inspector Neil Pagett said he issued a Do Not Occupy notice to the store because it was operating without a business license and was selling dried cannabis.

“They had applied for a business license, but that had not yet been issued,” said Pagett. “We were also concerned that they had products on the premises that were not permitted and we won’t be able to confirm that until the RCMP investigate.”

Bruce said no dried cannabis was being sold in his shop and was refused any proof from officials that he was selling it.


“He told me someone had brought him a dried bag of pot and a receipt and I asked him for proof and he said he didn’t have to provide that to me,” said Bruce. “I can tell you for a fact we didn’t write any receipt for dried pot because we don’t sell that here.”

Bruce said he may take legal action against the city if an investigation clears him.