Plant Music, Pogo and Bone Conduction – A Mindblowing Music Technology Wordsearch

There have been some major developments in the audio world that will revolutionize the way we hear sounds. Here’s a look at some mind-blowing music technology and a wordsearch to add some joy to your day. Get ready to be amazed by these new concepts and trippy tones. After all, the world is very beautiful and it’s full of music.

Plant Music

Imagine being able to convert a plant’s biorhythms into music. Thanks to technology, this is now a thing. Introducing PlantWave; It’s a small device that connects to an app in your phone and can be hooked up to any plant. Using two sensors, it detects water movement within the plant and translates this data into a pitch. From there, the information is sent to musical instruments for interpretation. The result is a hauntingly beautiful melody as unique and the plant that made it.

Bone conduction headphones

Sound waves travel as tiny vibrations through the air. Once they are detected by our eardrum, they are reverberated to the cochlea, aka the inner ear. Bone conduction headphones are completely different from anything we are used to. Instead of sitting in your ear canal, these headphones sit against your cheekbones and skull. They deliver sound vibrations directly to the bones in your head, bypassing the eardrum completely. 


There are major benefits to bone conduction audio technology, including:

  • Being able to hear what is going on around you – Bone conduction headphones send sound vibrations to your inner ear; they do not block the ear canal in any way so you are still free to pick up additional sound waves. The coolest thing about this technology is that it gives you the ability to hear in situations where you normally couldn’t. For example, while swimming underwater or in a loud environment.
  • Hearing loss and damage prevention – Traditional headphones create sound waves and drive air towards your eardrums, leading to damage if the music is loud. Because this technology completely bypasses the eardrum, it avoids causing damage to it. In fact, most cases of hearing loss are caused by damage to the eardrum. In cases where the cochlea is healthy and undamaged, bone conduction headphones would facilitate normal hearing.

Random Fact – Beethoven used bone conduction to compose music. He attached a wooden stick to his piano and would hold it clenched between his teeth, while he played. Although he was almost completely deaf, the vibrations from the wood would pass through his jawbone, allowing him to hear the sound.

Pogo – Plant Music  

Pogo is an artist that creates music from non-traditional sounds. If you want some music to go with your wordsearch, check out this trippy track made from plants: Gardyn.

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