Several polls have demonstrated that Canadians are overwhelmingly in support of Cannabis legalization throughout Canada. Not only is there a push for further acceptance toward cannabis in Canada, but there is also one in the United States, and throughout the world. The majority of people seem to no longer want to see police resources wasted on the criminalization of a plant. Nor do they want to see the lives ruined of individuals who engage in nonviolent behavior by smoking that plant.

Despite the increasing trend toward legalization, and a promise from the Liberals that this was the plan for Canada, the Quebec government says that they want nothing to do with it. According to Finance Minister, Carlos Leitao, Quebec wants nothing to do with selling the plant, despite the push for legalization. Leitao also said just this week that Ottawa cannot force the province to help them establish a network for cannabis legalization. Not only are Quebec authorities pushing against the move for acceptance of cannabis, but police authorities have also warned that legalization could promote “chaos” and they’ve made it clear that they are against the push for acceptance of this plant.

The Finance Minister had this to say on how legal cannabis would be sold, “It’s up to the federal government to determine how to do it. I will never have the obligation to commercialize (marijuana) even if it becomes legal. It’s not up to the province of Quebec to do that.”

The Liberal government continues to reaffirm that they are committed to legalization as they have already promised, but they have made it clear that they are going to take their time when it comes to sorting out how they will establish their centralized monopoly over cannabis. Meanwhile, various dispensaries continue to be raided throughout Canada.

  • Réal Guy


    Oh, « cahos » said the finance minister! Which sounds quite ironic thinking we simply can’t trust a guy in tie and shiny shoes who’s budies seem totally unable/unwilling to respond honestly after loosing control in Québec’s youth protection centers!! … M’yeap, there’s been some cahotic entertainment indeed in our old capital city lately, whatching the provincial Liberal party trying to perform futile damage control on TV, over child protection that is!

    Beyond all Lucie Charlebois who’s responsible for “Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health” has recently offered Québec’s population some genuinely entertaining show of her own style (considering the circumstances from a global perspective), e.g. especially after her recent bigot #44 law was adopted to put poisonous/addictive smoked nicotine, e-Cig/e-Liquids and aromatherapy vaporizers (!) on a same level – while Québec continues to promote nicotine patche$$$!… Oh, and last but not least – with a promise to open SMOKER rooms in hospitals for terminally ill patients who failed to die quicker i guess. After all the Liberals plan for “health” is already well known, they simply tagged it “austerity”.


    Anyway, the mere sight of anything coming in or out of our head orifices happens to hurt the feelings of that often blushing madame Charlebois who’s strategy has been to select a message she obviously feels more convenient for her to carry in the public eye than it can actually prove beneficial for our inclusive society.

    Not to mention the children.

    Poor poor fragile thing who’s personal experience was supposed to serve as guidance to us, the populace (…), which may explain those most memorable expressions displayed on her wicked face last week in the National Assembly, for the world to appreciate again and again while she attempted to look calm and satisfied in the backgound. Ho boy! That body language on her lips was such a unique sight!…

    If only such glowing shame could be endured by ALL of our failing politicians in need to be reminded their role as public servants past elections day.

    Yet the fact remains Lucie Charlebois simply dropped the ball with the “Rehabilitation” + “Youth Protection” aspects of her minister responsabilities already; so lets forget about the “Public Health” part in a future made of bigot anti-cannabic prohibition promoted by predatory politicians, “Coast-to-Coast” since it’s going to be locked both in Québec + Ottawa parliaments.

    Searching for real solutions would be too much distraction for Québec’s Liberals who got real busy with their own agendas as it is; those mediocre bold opportunists get satisfisfaction from spreading ancient myths in support of bigot hate-lovers/love-haters who will argue that “stoners” and their “Marie-Caca” are to be (conveniently) blamed for the juvenile misery they failed to handle themselves behind closed doors it seems. M’well, it always depends what doors, right?…

    In conclusion i’d comment from my own perspective that durable love is way too expensive in Québec, especially when speechless suffering victims are given no other options than some utopic abstinence or being actually condemned to chronic poisoning by toxic smoke just like i experienced myself as a young person 35+ years ago when i was told to watch “Moi, Christiane F., 13 ans, droguée, prostituée…” as a means of “education”… Worst, in retrospective i’d also argue the cigarette/”joint” format most probably also represents an additional toxic element in terms of ritual, potentially leading to a problematic consumption profile – but quite frankly i’d expect one has to try it first to even understand how it works. Which poses a problem to so-called “experts”, because it’s not politically-correct enough for their own taste.

    So much for “Harm Reduction”. All in the name of the “Belle Province” children!

    Pure shame.