Quebec Government Wants No Part In Selling Legal Cannabis

Several polls have demonstrated that Canadians are overwhelmingly in support of Cannabis legalization throughout Canada. Not only is there a push for further acceptance toward cannabis in Canada, but there is also one in the United States, and throughout the world. The majority of people seem to no longer want to see police resources wasted on the criminalization of a plant. Nor do they want to see the lives ruined of individuals who engage in nonviolent behavior by smoking that plant.

Despite the increasing trend toward legalization, and a promise from the Liberals that this was the plan for Canada, the Quebec government says that they want nothing to do with it. According to Finance Minister, Carlos Leitao, Quebec wants nothing to do with selling the plant, despite the push for legalization. Leitao also said just this week that Ottawa cannot force the province to help them establish a network for cannabis legalization. Not only are Quebec authorities pushing against the move for acceptance of cannabis, but police authorities have also warned that legalization could promote “chaos” and they’ve made it clear that they are against the push for acceptance of this plant.

The Finance Minister had this to say on how legal cannabis would be sold, “It’s up to the federal government to determine how to do it. I will never have the obligation to commercialize (marijuana) even if it becomes legal. It’s not up to the province of Quebec to do that.”

The Liberal government continues to reaffirm that they are committed to legalization as they have already promised, but they have made it clear that they are going to take their time when it comes to sorting out how they will establish their centralized monopoly over cannabis. Meanwhile, various dispensaries continue to be raided throughout Canada.