Rolling papers have been an essential part of the cannabis culture since its invention in 1532. There have been many different takes. Here are four unique papers that are sure to elevate your well put together joint.

Rolling Along: 4 Unique papers for your joints

Rolling papers have been an essential part of the cannabis culture since its invention and the first record of its existence in 1532. The first rolling paper company to ever open was called the Lacroix Rolling Paper Company which was opened by the Lacroix family in 1736. Since then there have been many different takes on this essential staple in every stoner stash. Some have changed the flavor of our bud while others have provided a much-needed functionality nonexistent in other brands. Others, however, have just been fun to utilize.

From foot long rolling papers and cones and flavored papers of all kinds to those made from gold and everything in between, there are a plethora of different rolling papers on the market today to cater to the needs of consumers. Here are four unique papers that are sure to help elevate every sesh by eccentricating your well put together joint with a little uniqueness.

Shine 24 Karat Gold

If you’ve never had the opportunity to try a Shine 24 karat gold rolling paper, it’s time for you to roll one up and put a little 24K in your ashtray. Shine offers rolling papers, blunts, and accessories made from 24 karat gold leaf including a weaved blunt that is said to burn miraculously. Unlike many would think, these golden rolling papers do not change the flavor or the potency of your green! Who knows… perhaps green is the new gold?

Twaxed Medicated Rolling Papers from The Clear

Adding cannabis concentrates, hash, and resin to joints is something stoners have loved to do for years. One company has taken out the extra work and infused the rolling papers with 97% pure THC cannabis extract. The infamous RAW rolling paper brand teamed up with a concentrate company by the name of The Clear to offer Twaxed Medicated Rolling Papers. Not only will these papers allow you to roll one up, but they also add a quite potent kick to your flower! Say goodbye to joints that run and cause a sticky mess all over your clips and say hello to The Clear Twaxed Medicated Rolling Papers!

Randy’s Wired Papers with Built-In Roach Clip

If you’re like me, you like smoking your joints till the wheels fall off. Sometimes, however, this can result in your fingers becoming covered in resin as well as the occasional burn to the fingertips. Thanks to Randy’s wired rolling papers with built-in roach clips you can enjoy your joint till it all goes up in smoke! Simply roll your joint like normal and bend the wire as needed for a built in roach clip!

Terpene Infused Papers from Lift Ticket Made with Cannabis-Derived Strain-Specific Terpenes

Stoners love the smell of cannabis! We also love the variety of different flavors that it offers. This love isn’t one of just cannabis but rather the specific terpenes that are found within different strains of cannabis. Not only do these compounds give cannabis its unique flavor and smell they also offer a variety of medical benefits. Lift Ticket rolling papers are available with terpene infusion. Their product line includes a wide range of different cannabis-derived strain-specific terpene infused rolling papers for your enjoyment.

Smoking Like a Master or Is It Like an Expert – You Decide!

If you prefer your weed to taste like your weed and you’re not worried about burning your fingertips or needing extra potency, or a golden shine don’t worry there’s still a rolling paper for you! When it comes to traditional rolling papers on the market today, THE favorite here at Expert Joints are the ultra-thin slow burning papers from Smoking Master. Smoking Master offers rolling paper rolls, single wide rolling paper packs, medium size rolling papers in both a standard and flat pack option as well as Master King sized papers for your enjoyment. Smoking Master papers are FSC® Certified and made with 100% natural vegetable gum, and no artificial colorings or other additives.


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