Rosenberg's Cannabis Act Review Predictions

Morris Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act review will likely fail.

Canada’s Cannabis Act is undergoing an “Expert Panel” review per the legislation. The idea was that after three years, the government would return to the cannabis legalization file and grade it.

Of course, it’s been over four years. And cannabis producers need immediate relief. Not another bureaucratic task force to create busy work.

Morris Rosenberg, a lawyer and long-time career bureaucrat, heads the Cannabis Act Review. Many in Canada’s cannabis business community have expressed their support for Rosenberg.

But the former President and CEO of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is another establishment stooge. Look no further than foreign interference in the 2021 Canadian election.

The Rosenberg Report was full of lies. No cannabis connoisseur in Canada should trust that the legislative review of the Cannabis Act will be any better.

Chinese Communist Interference in Canadian Elections 

Rosenbergs Cannabis Act Review 

For those unfamiliar, Canada is undergoing a Chinese electoral interference scandal. Similar to what happened with Donald Trump and the Russians. Except this time, based on facts.  

But where the Trump administration assigned a former FBI director to lead a special investigation (with subpoena powers), the Trudeau government assigned former Governor General David Johnston to the task—a friend and associate of the Trudeau family.

To nobody’s surprise, Johnston, the “Special Rapporteur,” said there was no need for a public inquiry (with subpoena powers). Instead, he himself will conduct a few quick public hearings and have the entire thing wrapped up by October.

Overall, his report found that there may have been some foreign interference in the Canadian election. But Justin Trudeau didn’t really know about it. And the intelligence agency whistle-blowers and the investigative journalists who broke the story were wrong.

The report doesn’t provide details on how or why they were wrong.

What does this have to do with Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act Review, you may be asking? This is the 2nd report on foreign interference in recent Canadian elections. Our man Morris Rosenberg wrote the first one.

And if he approaches cannabis as he did in his report on foreign interference, then cannabis in Canada is in big trouble.

Will Morris Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act Review Look Like the Rosenberg Report?

Will Morris Rosenberg's Cannabis Act Review Look Like the Rosenberg Report?

Our “lead panel expert,” Morris Rosenberg, wrote a report discussing foreign interference in the 2021 Canadian election.

He claims he spoke with all political parties. He didn’t. Despite Conservative Party candidates feeling the brunt of the Chinese campaign to elect Liberals, Rosenberg thought talking to even a single Conservative was unnecessary.

But he claims he did in the report.

As former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole wrote on his Substack:

None of the central actors from the 2021 Conservative campaign were interviewed for the Rosenberg Report. And the report was defensively released by the government in the immediate aftermath of damning news reports [of Chinese electoral interference].

O’Toole references Rosenberg’s cozy relationship with the Trudeau Foundation. It’s clear that the Rosenberg Report is not a credible document and Rosenberg himself is not some “nonpartisan” civil servant.

He, along with everyone associated with Trudeau’s criminal government, embodies the idea that if you’re going to reject laissez-faire on the basis that “we can’t trust people,” then by every same measurement, you must reject the state actors like Morris Rosenberg.

Morris Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act Review 

Morris Rosenberg's Cannabis Act Review 

The FBI witch-hunt on Donald Trump was relentless. Imagine if his relationship with Russia was like Justin Trudeau’s relationship with China.

Imagine Trump appointing the head of the Russian-American Business Council to a senior government position. And then firing all of Obama’s hires and replacing them with Russian-friendly bureaucrats?

Imagine if the Trump administration retooled American foreign policy to focus on integrating the American and Russian economies, including removing any barriers on Russian corporations to give them equal status with American companies.

Imagine if Donald Trump opened immigration and visa offices in Russian cities. And speaking of Russian cities, Donald Trump becomes an American folk hero. Publishers translate Trump’s autobiography into Russian, and he’s a national celebrity.

That’s the reality of Justin Trudeau and China.

There have been two investigations into China’s interference in Canada’s election. Both came up short. “Nothing to see here,” they said. “Move along.”

One of these reports written by the man now tasked with the Cannabis Act review.

Suppose Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act Review is like his report on the 2021 election. If that’s the case, we can make some predictions.

Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act Review Predictions

Rosenbergs Cannabis Act Review Predictions

Clearly, cannabis legalization in Canada was about “public health and safety.” And this was confirmed by the Supreme Court in a recent ruling on Quebec‘s home cultivation ban.

The judge said:

It is true that, in everyday language and even in the speeches of some parliamentarians, the creation of exceptions or exemptions under a scheme of criminal offences is often described as a ‘legalization effort,’… However, this way of speaking is incorrect and falsely suggests that positive rights authorizing particular conduct have been granted to the public.

Cannabis legalization was an act of the legislature. And they can take it away as quickly as they grant it.

Morris Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act Review is likely to cater to public health demands. Introducing THC limits, banning or restricting the edible market even further. Perhaps Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act Review will suggest higher excise taxes.

While Rosenberg’s Cannabis Act review may cater to the business community and the economics of cannabis legalization, Canada’s cannabis connoisseurs have no reason to expect this.

Whether it’s electoral interference or using marshal law to disperse a peaceful protest – Justin Trudeau’s government does whatever the hell it wants.

Trudeau’s government is lawless. Forget the Cannabis Act review. Canadians are morally justified in disobeying cannabis laws.