one man smoke show 420 vancouver

Smoking Out the Field with Freddie Pritchard at 420 Vancouver 2018

You know as soon as you see Freddie “Da’ Weed King” Pritchard, the host of the One Man Smoke Show, at 420 Vancouver 2018 getting “high as fuck” off a literal smoking gun (or more like smoking bazooka!) that it’s going to be a good time.

As a staunch cannabis activist, Freddie has been a fixture in the community for years and with his wealth of cannabis knowledge, he has fought tirelessly to keep people informed and Free the Weed.

Freddie chats with Chad Jackett from Liberty Farms about how “legalization” is a loaded term and how the Liberal government should lift Prohibition and let the free market dictate the cannabis industry.

Next, Freddie talks to 420 Vancouver organizer Dana Larsen who rightly points out that nothing that they’re doing at 420 will be legalized by the Cannabis Act. Dana also tells Freddie how organizers had enough money this year to pay for sanitation and traffic control, and since they even ended up with a little money left over, they decided to donate $4200 each to St. Paul’s Hospital and the Vancouver Firefighter’s Snacks for Kids program.

As he goes through the 420 trenches booth by booth, Freddie also says hi to Mary J from Mary J’s edibles who talks about the need for legalization to include the existing cannabis economy.

Stay tuned for more content and the best of #BCBud.