Strainprint Technologies Launches Mobile App for Cannabis Patients

TORONTO, April 5, 2017 /CNW/ – Strainprint Technologies Ltd. (“Strainprint™”) — a leader in cannabis patient data collection — is proud to announce the commercial launch of a revolutionary Cannabis Tracking APP & platform. The mobile APP is free for patients and is available for both Apple iOS & Android.


Strainprint enables cannabis patients to track and understand the efficacy of their cannabis use by strain, quantity, method of ingestion and dose. Using standardized pain scales, this much-needed data will help patients use cannabis more effectively and help clinicians to better tailor therapeutic regimens. Strainprint’s database contains all strains and products available under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations program (ACMPR). Patients can also add their own unique/personal strains.

Strainprint will help patients and medical practitioners to better understand how specific cannabis genetics and ingestion methods provide the best therapy for over 170 applicable medical conditions,” said Alexander Repetski, Chief Communications Officer. “By using individuals’ data to fine-tune their treatment, Strainprint will assist in improving the quality of life for those using cannabis. This data is also needed by the academic community to accelerate research efforts and to further enhance the understanding of cannabis,” he added.

The HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant solution is already identifying valuable and fascinating efficacy trends across a variety of medical conditions. This information will enable patients, producers, clinicians and other supply chain partners to better understand the needs of patients and how specific cannabinoids effect a multitude of conditions.

The importance of this real-time crowd-sourced data is integral to both governmental bodies and the academic community to accelerate research efforts and further enhance the understanding of cannabis,” said Strainprint President, David Berg. “With the pending legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, the data acquired by Strainprint also holds significance in determining many facets of regulations concerning public health and safety,” he added.

Strainprint was created out of necessity. As a patient who had limited knowledge about cannabis, the need for a tool to help guide and enhance treatment seemed almost essential. It didn’t exist, and that’s why we spent several years developing it. We’re continually improving the software to ensure a simple and rewarding experience,” said Stephanie Karasick, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer.

A new version of the APP will be released in the coming weeks with an exciting Loyalty Program, where users can redeem accumulated points for cannabis-related products and merchandise.

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About Strainprint™:
Founded in 2016, Strainprint Technologies Ltd. is a Toronto-based company providing enterprise grade analytics and consumer solutions for the medical cannabis industry. Strainprint manages the gathering and analysis of real-time cannabis consumption data and ranks specific strain efficacy against conditions and related symptoms. Analyzing anonymous patient treatment data and efficacy measures will help to identify new treatment protocols for the medical community and patients. Strainprint also works with commercial producers and clinics to provide advanced intelligence to optimize grow operations and treatment methods. 

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