Summer Acc-sesh-ories

Summer is among us my dear buds, and that means it’s time to venture outdoors on some blazing and amazing toking adventures! If you’re anything like me, there isn’t much that’s better than connecting with nature while puffing on some green. This summer, don’t let your sesh be less than it should be by not being prepared! Here are 3 of my favorite, must-have summer go-to cannabis accessories to ensure that when you are ready to partake, your sesh will be on point!


Wind and weed together is not your friend. This is something that many stoners have forgotten over the years, and as a result, there has been much green that has found its way back to Mother Earth instead of into the bowl or paper for a joint as planned. With PenSimple, this worry is no more. The PenSimple makes it simple to not only grind your herb safely on the go and when in the wind, but this grinder pen will dispense your ground herbs wherever you choose at a push of a button. If you’re looking for some inspiration on some perfect PenSimple adventures check out this article and get your PenSimple today at!



Another arch nemesis of outdoor adventurers that love to partake in a toke is broken joints. There’s nothing worse than hiking a few miles to the perfect scenic overlook only to discover that your tasty herbal treats are broken into tiny pieces in your pocket or backpack. With the PotPocket, you can take 3-4 well put together joints with you no matter where you go and they will be ready whenever you are! Check out a recent review I did on the product here and get your PotPocket today at


Dabsolute Concentrate Pen

While I am a big fan of a good joint, I also love to dab! Dabbing with a rig using a torch or enail isn’t always the most convenient for my outdoor adventures. That’s why when I am on the go, the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen is my favorite way to partake in a dabbing and enjoy cannabis concentrates. This 100% American made product is backed by a lifetime guarantee and can be used with your favorite cannabis extracts, concentrates, and the battery works with most vape cartridges as well. Check out a review of the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen here and get yours today at


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