The Best Way to Vape and 8 Tips For The Perfect Vaping Experience
Photo by Edgar Martínez, Courtesy of Pexels

The Best Way to Vape and 8 Tips For The Perfect Vaping Experience

Smokers are increasingly turning to vaping as their method of choice for a daily dose of nicotine or cannabis. Vaping and e-cigarettes are two cults that are slowly taking over the tobacco industry as a whole, particularly in the west. Medical experts are also recommending vaping over traditional cigarettes as a means of consuming tobacco in increasing numbers. The primary reason is that vaping involves only nicotine and vapour and not the amalgamation of harmful substances that a cigarette contains.

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New vapers who have just switched to the medium from regular smoking usually use inhalation methods that mimic smoking. And that means that you could be losing out on the more significant part of the whole vaping experience. The following eight different techniques for vaping will help you enjoy your smoke to an entirely new degree:

Placing the vape on the sides of your mouth

When you adopt such a vaping style, it lets the vapour pass over your tongue’s tastebuds in a far more effective way. In turn, that leads to greater enjoyment of the e-liquid or vape flavours.

Inhaling slowly for 3-5 seconds

People used to traditional smoking have the habit of inhaling quickly. This tendency typically persists when they switch to vaping too. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to go about it. Inhaling slowly allows the atomizer to heat up appropriately. Long, slow vapour draws provide more vapour and make up for a better and more effective vaping experience.

Withhold inhaled vapour in the mouth before taking it in the lungs

The body absorbs both atomizer vapour and e-cig vapour differently than traditional cigarettes. In the case of the former, you want them to be immersed in the mouth and cheek itself by its mucus membranes. Accordingly, experts advise new vapers to draw in the vapour slowly, giving it adequate time in the mouth before intaking it into the lungs.

Vape discreetly

This might be an obvious one, but practice discretion when you don’t want a large smoke plume. Awareness about the harmlessness of vaping smoke from vapes and e-cigs is still not significant. You can indeed achieve “stealth vaping” by modifying the typical vaping technique. It involves taking the vapour using your mouth, inhaling and inhaling fresh air again before letting it all go out

Using your nostrils to exhale

According to the findings of experts in the field, mucus membranes are the body parts that absorb vapour most readily. This means that exhaling vape air entirely through the nostrils helps you get the perfect vaping experience through maximum absorption.

Instead of using your middle and index finger to hold the vape outlet, use the thumb and index finger

While traditional smokers use the vape with their index and middle fingers, it is far more comfortable than the thumb and the index finger once you get used to it.

Inhaling vapour once from a potent cartridge instead of several draws from lower-powered cartridges

Suppose you are a heavy smoker who appreciates dollops of nicotine. In that case, single draws from a strong cartridge will feel more satisfying. On the other hand, those who smoke socially will find lighter cartridges more suitable for them.

The 2-2-1 draw

Perhaps the 2-2-1 draw makes for the perfect vaping experience. The way to do this is by inhaling small amounts of vapour twice, quickly followed by a long, slow and robust draw. Such a draw gives you the benefits fastest.

Photo by Ruslan Alekso, Courtesy of Pexels

To Conclude

Both vaping and e-cigs enjoy more tremendous popularity amongst mainstream smokers than ever before. One of the causes behind this is the relatively healthy nature of the two forms, mainly vaping. However, due to its very nature, vaping demands you use it differently. Once you start vaping the right way, you stand to enjoy its benefits in a far more significant way. A variety of flavours and mod styles await you as a vaper. Thus, it is enjoying tobacco at its best, minus many of the unhealthy effects of its popular smoking medium.