Tech Startup Releases Cannabis Vending Machine Powered By AI

Tech Startup Releases Cannabis Vending Machine Powered By AI

UK tech startup Social Vend has announced that its new AI-powered cannabis vending machine, Buddy, is now available for purchase across North America. The new technology allows customers to get cannabis products conveniently dispensed and customized to their individual needs—and this cannabis vending machine might just be our new best buddy.

Like a real-life dispensary attendant, Buddy’s built-in budtender, AskBuddy, will figure out which product is perfect for you by getting to know your preferred effects (giggly, sleepy, or focused, to name a few), price range, and method of consumption (smoking, eating, vaping, or using topicals). This cannabis vending machine will also ask you your cannabis experience level—on a sliding scale from “Novice” to “Snoop Dogg”.

Photo by: Social Vend

Some of the features of the Cannabis Vending Machine-Buddy

The climate-controlled cannabis vending machine can hold up to 80 products and by scanning their ID card, the cannabis vending machine will match users with products based on both their preferences and ordering history. With tech this advanced, we doubt your bag of weed will ever get stuck halfway down the cannabis vending machine. 

Whether it determines a 100% match with a Blue Dream Sativa or 80% with a Gelato hybrid, Buddy will tell you the percentage match you get with each product, as well as the level of cannabinoids each product has, so you can see the levels of THC and CBD

The customization extends beyond the customer experience too, with dispensaries able to pick different storefront themes and give their virtual budtender its own personality. They can also pick from High-gloss Arctic White or Matt Gunmetal Grey for their machine.

cannabis vending machine
Photo by: Social Vend

CEO Andrew Theodore says Social Vend made Buddy to fill an automated retail void in a rapidly expanding cannabis market. “We’ve added industry-specific functionality including features for compliance, granular inventory tracking, and the acceptance of crypto,” he says.

The UK startup launched in 2016 and have since built some of the world’s most advanced vending machines for big brands including Pepsi, Verizon, Ariana Grande, YouTube, Adidas, Samsung, and Google. Get your pre-order in today at Buddy’s website!

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