The Extract Express Rolls On

In this video the Cannabis in Canada crew is found rolling with the Coalition on the Extract Express. It was a historic bus trip; a journey across the country to R. v. Smith in support of our medicine. Successful fundraising and good friends were found everywhere.

A large group of supportive, important voices and indispensable members of the community joined Jason Wilcox and Chad Jackett. But this was not just a road trip, this was a journey to the heart of the Canadian judicial system, and an amazing display of support for Owen Smith and our cause.

Along the way, and in this video, we’re provided with glimpses of the voices that have propelled this fight. Owen Smith, Ted Smith, Justin Loizos, John Conroy, and many others were on hand to address the supporters and provide their informed insight into the proceedings.

And after the court heard arguments, joy and optimism could be seen on the faces of the CinC crew. There was, and is, a sense that this battle is being won.

Onward we grow.