The Extract Express with Brother Scotty

This latest video from Cannabis in Canada follows Jason Wilcox and Chad Jackett aboard the Extract Express a few weeks ago, bound for Ottawa in support of Owen Smith’s historical confrontation with the government of Canada in R. v. Smith. The case was the first of its kind in Canada, and challenged the prohibition of edibles and extracts, important and helpful modes for patients to consume their medicine.

Frequent visitors to CinC know the Smith story well. It’s another tell of aggressive prohibition, an affront to basic rights and liberty. The Extract Express was filled with some of CinC’s favourite sponsors and supporters, and sent off to Ottawa to represent and be recognized. It was a festive caravan, but one with a simple and committed message: Onward we grow!

Beard Bros. Concentrate’s Brother Scotty was on hand to promote their second-to-none products, and support Owen Smith, the movement, the community, the Coalition, and CinC. Brother Scotty is an informed authority on his wares, and he gives a brief overview on some of the challenges of concentrates, both in cultivation and legally!

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