Tim Moen Interview: Allard et al. Fire Expert

Tim Moen is the Coalition’s expert rebuttal witness to Surrey Fire Chief Len Garis. He sat down with Jason Wilcox to discuss his role in the proceedings, and the right to garden in general. This is an exclusive interview, and an engaging discussion with one of Canada’s most important national voices.

Moen became leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada in May 2014, succeeding Katrina Chowne. He ran in the 2014 Fort McMurray—Athabasca by-election, and the campaign “received considerable attention from a variety of Canadian and US news outlets, such as CNN, Huffington Post, Reason.com, due to his social media memes explaining libertarianism.”

Tim is a true community member, and has served his community as a firefighter, paramedic, business owner, writer, filmmaker and volunteer. Its as a firefighter that he was called to the stand in Allard et al. to combat the obvious bias of Len Garis, and to bring some common sense to the discussion of growing and fire hazard.