The Market Faces A Growing Need For CBD Oil

An increasing number of parents are turning to cannabis oil when they feel that they are faced with no other viable alternatives for their children’s treatment.
When nothing else seems to be working, some of these parents are seeing success in treating their kids’ epilepsy and autism with cannabis oil.
With few doctors who are educated or willing to prescribe the oil however, this leaves parents with having to struggle to find consistent dosages for their children. A number of parents are beginning to see that cannabis oil has the ability to help their children, and this reality is fostering an increasing wave of support for decriminalization efforts.
Kim and Rob Turkington say that their five-year-old daughter Ella takes two doses of cannabis oil per day and they say it has made her more alert, reduce the number and severity of seizures, and allowed her to develop speech and other cognitive functions.
Cannabis oils are high in cannabidiol (CBD) and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) meaning when children take the oil, they aren’t going to get high like they would if they were smoking cannabis.
For this reason, perhaps more parents are willing to consider this alternative for their children because they see it to be a natural oil.
To be fair, cannabis isn’t a miracle drug in that not everyone will have the same reaction to CBD oil, some people see a lot of success but not everyone should expect to see similar vast improvement that others have seen.
However, for many who have tried a myriad of pharmaceutical options to help their symptoms and seen nothing but failure as a result, cannabis sometimes turns-out to be the last option.
Just this summer it became legal to purchase CBD oil in Canada from licensed producers, after the Supreme Court upheld the right of Canadians to buy derivatives of medical marijuana.
Many parents say they struggle to find CBD oil options that are low in THC, which could be the result of the legalized monopoly currently established over the production of this product.
Clearly there is a growing need for CBD oil as more individuals continue to educate themselves to the benefits that can be had from taking this oil. As that need continues to grow, hopefully the market will respond by providing and meeting those needs. Which is a process which often hampered when too much regulation and centralization gets involved.