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The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary executive director speaks on Hastings store closure

Cannabis Life Network reached out to Dori Dempster, the executive director at The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary (TMCD), in light of Dana Larsen’s announcement today of the Hastings location closing, which was in response to a BC Supreme Court ruling against many of Vancouver‘s unlicensed dispensaries.

This is what Dori had to say:

This closure only affects The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary at 880 E. Hastings because the one at 1182 Thurlow St. currently has a valid Development Permit.

The BC Supreme Court decision on May 31 was in regards to whether or not we could remain open during the appeal process.

Unfortunately, this decision means being in contempt of court if we don’t abide and that endangers our remaining store.

But recreational stores are not meeting the needs of their own market and have absolutely no ability to meet the needs of medicinal users. They cannot provide answers to medical questions and do not carry the products needed by our members.

When the Blue Door Dispensary shut down temporarily last week, it caused an increase in violence and overdoses in the area. Some said they didn’t have the cannabis they were used to and went back to old habits and found drugs that are dirtier this year and causing substantial issues.

I fear this same result because of the decision [to close the dispensary] made in the greater interest of serving our members for as long as we possibly can.

We desperately need more overdose prevention sites but this city has just effectively shuttered dozens of these harm reduction sites like TMCD.

With what we have already learned as a society this seems backwards and harmful as a whole.

There will come a time that is right to bow out entirely but it isn’t now. By complying here at Hastings we stay open at 1182 Thurlow St. and continue providing access from there.

I can’t help my staff or membership from behind bars.

I can ensure my staff go home to their families tonight and be able to return to their work tomorrow helping people to live better and that’s what I must do.

Still open!

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