The Mobile Cannabis Cartel

Today, we’re proud to announce the Mobile Cannabis Cartel, an LP-version of grassroots road tours like the Extract Express. This mission of the MC Cartel is to offer Canadians access to local Health Canada gatekeepers carving out their own niche in the LP corporate system.

Misinforming patients about how they can access safe, affordable cannabis has been a  top priority for the cartel. With the Mobile Cannabis Cartel, we can misinform every person in Canada, across the country, connecting all future patients and (recreational customers) with Health Canada bureaucrats. All the meanwhile Blair and his police buddies target small farmers and industry.

While visiting the Mobile Cannabis Cartel, prospective suckers will be able to discuss whether the LP cartel is good for them. The approved patients with the approved answers will receive a federal document enabling them to exercise a right they already have.

The Mobile Cannabis Cartel will start its long march in BC and stop in Ontario. Sorry, Maritimes, maybe next year.

Where possible, the mobile cartel will include Health Canada gatekeepers who will be available to:

— Assess whether individuals are suitable to exercise basic human right

— Authorize basic human rights for those deemed qualified

— Answer questions about basic human rights and how they can be legally accessed in Canada

— Provide information about the Cartel and basic human rights regulations in Canada.

In addition, on-site propagandists will also be available to dodge your questions about your right to smoke cannabis and who to buy it from, by providing information about the Cartel and basic human rights regulations in Canada.

Canadians will be able to visit the Mobile Cannabis Cartel without an appointment when it stops in their city. For more information and to follow the Cartel’s progress and stops, look for #LPRoadFib #420Cartel #LPTrailerofLies #LPMobileGoHome  on Twitter.