cannabis tolerance break
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Tips for a Successful Cannabis Tolerance Break

Have you noticed you’re not achieving the same experience from the cannabis you’re consuming? Or maybe you’re spending more money or taking a higher dose than you typically have. If so, it might be time for a cannabis tolerance break.

What’s a cannabis tolerance break? 

A cannabis tolerance break is a period intentionally spent not consuming cannabis to allow the body’s receptors to return to baseline and help rebuild tolerance levels.

The quickest way to reset is to take a full tolerance break; however, if that seems too challenging at this time, you can also choose to reduce or change consumption. 

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6 Tips for a Successful Cannabis Tolerance Break

Taking a cannabis tolerance break can be challenging, particularly for those using cannabis daily. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your cannabis tolerance break.

Set Specific Goals

To increase the likelihood of success with taking a break, set specific goals for your break. The goal should include the total length of time you plan to take a break.

If you plan to reduce or change consumption, set specific guidelines surrounding what this consumption will look like; For example, limiting the amount consumed per day or the number of days you will consume per week. It may also be helpful to set specific times for consumption, such as only before bed.

Tell Your Friends

If you’re used to consuming cannabis in a social setting, tell your friends that you plan to take a break to help remove temptation.

Remove All Temptations

Out of sight, out of mind definitely can make a difference when resisting temptation. You may want to consider starting your cannabis break when you are already out of the cannabis you typically consume. Also, putting cannabis and all your cannabis-related paraphernalia away out of sight can help.

Consider what other strategies you can implement to manage your temptations.

Distract Yourself 

Distracting yourself can be an effective way of managing temptations during a cannabis tolerance break. 

There are two ways to approach distractions; 

  1. Try a new activity during a time when you’d typically consume cannabis. Getting active or creative are often helpful distractions as these activities can provide you with endorphins and happy chemicals.
  2. Start a new routine. If you’re a regular cannabis user, cannabis consumption is likely part of your regular routine, so consider switching up your routine to make it easier. For example, if you typically consume cannabis in the morning, change your morning routine. Drink your coffee on the patio or go for a coffee walk rather than lighting up a joint

Remember It Will Be Challenging 

Taking a cannabis break isn’t going to be easy, be gentle with yourself. 

Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing This

If you find yourself struggling during your cannabis tolerance break, take the time to remind yourself of the purpose of taking a break. 

Why are you doing this? Improving your tolerance can give you that wow experience of the first time-consuming cannabis after the break. Additionally, reducing the amount you need to consume to have the experience you’re looking for can have a significant impact on your wallet. 

cannabis tolerance break
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Tips for Reducing Cannabis Consumption for a Tolerance Break

If you’re feeling like completely abstaining from cannabis is too challenging right now, that’s okay. Instead, consider reducing your intake or making a change in your consumption. 

Here are some things to consider that may help with reducing cannabis consumption:

  • Take an objective look at how often and how much you’re consuming cannabis and decide how significantly to reduce it. 
    • If you’re an all-day consumer, maybe you try to only consume first thing in the morning and right before bed.
    • If you consume a handful of times a day or less, maybe try to reduce it to once a day.
  • Consider switching from THC to CBD only. 
  • Consider switching to a different consumption method. Typically a joint smoker? Try only consuming edibles.

Keeping a cannabis journal can also help make taking a cannabis tolerance break easier. Recording how often and how much you’re consuming cannabis can help you be objective about your cannabis consumption and help you build a plan. 

Consider recording your goals for your tolerance break and how you feel during the time away from cannabis. Maybe this time, you’re only able to take a break for a few days but see small improvements, so you’re able to take a slightly longer break next time. You may even find a consumption method that is more effective for you.