Toronto Dispensary Reopens After Thursday Raid

More medical cannabis dispensaries were raided and shut down on Thursday, but it only took a day for a particular Toronto dispensary to reopen.

Well known cannabis advocate Marc Emery reopened his dispensary, Cannabis Culture, the day after Toronto police raided the shop. “We don’t believe it should have any more regulations than cucumbers or coffee or flowers. Every single Canadian who has a passion for marijuana should be entitled to go into business and serve the public and serve the demand,” Emery said.

Three other shops were raided on Thursday along with Cannabis Culture, which makes this the second wave of raids on Toronto dispensaries recently. One cannabis consultant, Olivia Brown, even brought her children to Cannabis Culture’s reopening in order to show support. “I brought them to show them how to peacefully disobey an unjust law. I really want to make it clear to Canada that this isn’t a fight against the police. We are fighting against old laws.”

Many are wondering if the Toronto police will respond quickly to this by raiding these stores again, or if an entirely new wave of raids is being planned. We will keep following this story and keep you aware of what’s going on with the dispensaries in Toronto.