Extractly! – Episode 1

Join Cannabis Growers of Canada executive director Ian Dawkins, Big Smoke, and Vapour Trails in the inaugural episode of Extractly!, a show dedicated to the latest and greatest cannabis extracts, edibles, concentrates and production methods.

In the first episode, the three long time friends discuss their experience with extracts, what goes into them and the production process – recorded at the Jade Maple studios in Vancouver.

“A lot of people now are moving over to the concentrates and there’s definitely a lot of excitement about the technology,” said Dawkins.

Vapour Trails has been a cannabis enthusiast since 1998, saying that he smoked it for the first time and then never looked back but, since experiencing extracts he’s become interested in that side of the industry.

“I love smoking flower, but I did my first dab last year sometime and it obviously blew my mind as it does most cannabis enthusiasts,’ Vapour Trails said.

Vapour Trails said that the extract community is one of the most welcoming he’s found.

Dawkins said, compared to growers, the extract industry is much more willing to divulge the secrets and science of their trade and educate on how to make their product.

Big Smoke got into extracts within the last few years, and then introduced them to Dawkins and Vapour Trails as well.

Big Smoke said that listeners can expect to find out a lot about the industry and how to identify higher level extracts.

“Since I’ve been here I’ve learned so much, not just the science stuff but the business side of it and how people are doing what they’re doing,” Big Smoke said. “I’m so happy to be here and to be able to share this with people.”

Listeners are encouraged to send in their questions and comments for the extract community and the team will do their best to pose them to producers.

“I think it’s important that we inform and educate the consuming public about what goes into your extracts and what to look for and who’s working on high quality product and tested stuff and we’re excited to share that with you,” said Dawkins.