Toronto Police Begin Raiding Dispensaries

Toronto City Police have confirmed that several dispensaries in the city have been raided.

Dubbed “Project Claudia” by authorities, statements from police revealed that the Toronto drug squad, frontline officers and the City of Toronto Municipal Licensing Standards executed search warrants at dispensaries that they said were identified as trafficking cannabis outside of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation.

Police said a press conference will be held tomorrow at 10:30, where search warrants, locations, charges laid and the products seized will be announced.

Reports on Twitter have named a number of dispensaries affected.

The raids come at the same time as Ward 39 councillor Jim Karygiannis holds a press conference at Toronto City Hall on the regulation of medical dispensaries in the city.

Police said all the locations raided today had been provided a letter of caution to landlords on May 18 but there remain other locations not raided today that had also been served with the letters.

“Toronto Police continues investigation into locations believed acting illegally when it comes to the sale of marihuana,” a police spokesperson posted.