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Toronto police officers who got stoned off edibles while on duty face charges

Remember the two Toronto police officers who got so stoned after eating some cannabis edibles (allegedly) that they called for back-up and ended up in the hospital?

They’re back in the news as Const. Vittorio Dominelli and Const. Jamie Young were arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and breach of trust on Tuesday over the alleged Jan. 27th incident following a professional standards investigation. If the officers are found guilty of either of these charges, they could face jail time.

Toronto police said the officers “attempted to obstruct, pervert, or defeat the course of justice, by destroying or converting to their own use, evidence” and that’s because they weren’t only getting high on duty- the edibles the officers allegedly consumed were from a dispensary that was raided by police, in which the accused officers participated in, a few days prior!

According to Toronto Police Service spokesperson Meaghan Gray, “Both officers’ status at the service will be reconsidered and they could face Police Service Act charges at an internal tribunal.”

According to police sources, the pair called for assistance after feeling dizzy and apparently hallucinating, and their actions inadvertently sent another officer to the hospital with a concussion after she slipped on some ice while rushing to assist her colleagues that were tripping in a completely different way.

This is not a good look for Toronto police, especially considering how heavy-handed they have been regarding dispensaries when compared to some other police forces in Canada, and not only are these dispensary raids a waste of limited police resources that could be better spent elsewhere, it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money as these officers are suspended with pay, in accordance with the Police Services Act.

According to CBC, the officers are scheduled to appear in court on Jun. 7. Const. Dominelli is a 13-year veteran of the force while Const. Young has been on the job for less than three years.


Featured image courtesy of CBC.


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