John & Lily – On The Run

John and Lily Broll are Americans who are currently on the run from the law for making hash oil and are now residing in Mexico. The two met in college, after John had spend some time in prison for selling cannabis.

After Lily suffered a sever jaw break from a roller blade accident, the two began to make their own extracts to treat the pain. “That’s kind of a big part of what led us into making hashes and extracts, the need for more than just smoking,” Lily said.

They had a limited selection of cannabis strains where they were living, and they noticed that their tolerance would build up with each one which also pushed them into the direction of producing hash. John said that “Hash can be pretty harsh if you’re smoking a lot of it. The markets forced me into dabs. The longer I’ve been in dabs the more I’ve understood why the markets are going this way.”

They started to encounter problems after using dabs to treat pain, because the mainstream consensus was that using dabs can be deadly, when in fact no one has ever died from using it. Before they left America, the couple was facing up to 25 years in prison, with the charges being ‘manufacturer of a controlled dangerous substance’ and ‘assembly of chemicals’, the later is usually associated with those who have meth labs. This shows how misinformed law enforcement is on this very beneficial, medicinal substance.

They intend on staying in Mexico and have already figured out how to produce quality dabs while there, and they plan on starting an organic, permaculture farm in the long term.

Please watch the video above for the full interview, by Dan Dicks of Press For Truth.