Vaping your THC On the Go

Nothing beats a quality vape session at home. You can dab as much as you want and whenever you want – getting high on your own time to your heart’s content. However, there are times where taking your vaping on the go is a must. Therefore, you need something compact (and just as equally delicious) to take with you to load up your sticky stuff and fire away. That is where a good vape pen comes in…like the ones reviewed on TheVape.Guide’s best vape pens list (just saying).

As well, you also want to keep in mind a few things before venturing out for the first time. Just some simple tips that will keep you moving right along and keep you under the radar while you enjoy your high. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Privacy Is Key

The last thing anyone wants is to draw unnecessary attention while vaping in public (especially if it consists of the green stuff) – unless you are really a daredevil. With this in mind, having a super discreet, compact vape pen will definitely ensure that you remain inconspicuous while you savor the taste of your wax or shatter. The main thing that you can do to aid in this is to choose a vape pen that meets some carefully considered criteria such as:

  1. Portability – your vape needs to be small enough to fit into a pocket or purse once you are done with your sesh and doesn’t draw too much attention by making a lot of “noise” (being big and flashy).
  2. Ease of use – your pen should be simple enough for you to use quickly and efficiently. The last thing you want is to spend time figuring it out which will warrant unwanted curiosity from others.
  3. Storage (optional) – if you intend to be out for extended periods of time, finding a vape pen that can hold extra dab would be quite helpful. Some usually have a discreet slot at the base for storing your excess THC.

Vaping Laws and Courtesies

For the majority of places (regardless of their current status of recreational marijuana), it is still illegal to smoke or vape it in public places – with a few exceptions of course. This also applies to most businesses and government buildings as well. While some businesses will allow vaping on the premises, there are still some that are wary of vaping in general so keeping these tips in mind will be super helpful when enjoying your THC while out and about.

  • If you aren’t sure you can vape somewhere, you can always ask a manager or the store owner.
  • If in doubt, just don’t do it to avoid getting in trouble or unwanted attention.
  • Do your research regarding the vaping laws and regulations to keep yourself in check while out.

By following these “guidelines”, you will be much more likely to enjoy vaping while out and avoid negative reactions from people should you find yourself having to resort to vaping around them. However, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a secluded place to enjoy your THC – untouched and unbridled by the world. vapeBe Respectful

This one is a no brainer for most. With whatever you do, you should always be respectful to others especially when you are in a public place. This, more than anything, applies to vaping.

Smoking, which is frequently compared to vaping, has gotten such a bad reputation over the decades (for obvious reasons) and those who are uneducated about vaping are likely to lump a vaper into the same crowd as a smoker and become irritated when they vape. In situations like this, just take the time to read people around you and get a vibe of how they will receive you if you vape.

If you are unsure or believe that your vaping will not be well-received, either refrain from vaping or just leave the area and vape elsewhere.


Vaping at home can be very fun especially when you whip out the bad boys for that extra fun and exciting vape sesh. However, when you do have to venture outside your home, vaping in public can be just as enjoyable, if you know what you are doing. All you have to do is:

  • Be respectful of others and businesses that you frequent when you decide to vape.
  • Read up on your city and state’s (or province’s) laws and rules of vaping.
  • Enjoy your vape pen and choose wisely to maximize privacy while out and about.

Do these things and you’ll see–vaping your THC wax on the move isn’t going to be much of a problem. Just don’t go breaking any laws. 😉