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Vancouver Board of Variance Grants Two More Appeals

The Vancouver Board of Variance granted two more appeal requests for medical cannabis dispensaries in the city, in a meeting that went on past midnight.

Evergreen Cannabis Society (2868 W 4th Ave) and Vancouver Pain Management Society (2137 Commercial Dr) now both have the chance to move onto the next stage of the city’s business licensing process.

Cannabis Growers of Canada executive director Ian Dawkins represented Evergreen at the meeting and posted a message to supporters on Facebook.

“A big thank you to all of the witnesses who took time out of their busy days to speak on our behalf, and particularly to the various faculty and researchers of the University of British Columbia who wrote letters of support (I’d thank you all by name if I didn’t think it’d be more trouble for you each than it’s worth),” Dawkins wrote.

The Vancouver Pain Management Society said they were also happy to report the results of the meeting.

“They were burning the midnight oil at city hall and a little after 12:30 this morning we were granted our variance appeal,” the business wrote online. “Stage One down and two to go! Feeling positive about the process and almost look forward to it now! ALMOST!”

Two other dispensaries scheduled to appeal their initial license rejection, Medicinal Express (1745 Nanaimo) and My Remedy Wellness Society (1740 Commercial Dr) both adjourned.

The Board of Variance is now roughly halfway through the scheduled appeals, with 12 successful appellants out of 31. The next Board of Variance meeting will take place Jul. 13 at Vancouver City Hall.