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Vancouver Dispensaries Plan to File Constitutional Challenge Against the City

Three Vancouver dispensaries are launching a constitutional challenge after the city filed injunctions to close their doors.

SWED Cannabis Society, The Green Cross Society and VanCity Medicinal Society have all been denied a license by the City of Vancouver and lawyer Robert Laurie said he’s challenging that decision on behalf of the businesses.

While Laurie said he’s first challenging a technical error in the city’s paperwork, he’s prepared and expects to then bring about a constitutional challenge as part of his response to the injunction.

Laurie said the challenge will be filed under three sections.

“Section 2 is freedom of expression. Section 7 is security of the person, and section 15 is equality under the law,” Laurie said.

The city has filed 17 injunctions against dispensaries in the city operating without a business license, with councillor Kerry Jang promising that another 10 will be issued by the end of the month.