Vancouver Dispensary Society No Longer Requiring Memberships

Last night the Vancouver Dispensary Society announced it’s no longer requiring memberships to make a purchase, expanding its service to all adults without a medical recommendation.

Dispensary staff wrote that they were no longer limiting access to cannabis to those that were able to get a doctor’s note.

“What The Dispensary is doing is recognizing that adults have the autonomy to make choices for themselves and we are allowing these adults the same dignified and reasonable access that our members have been enjoying since 2008,” the business wrote on Facebook.

The membership restriction will also no longer apply to mail orders from the shop though executive director Dori Dempster said that medicinal members will still have benefits at the shop, including discounts and specials.

All shoppers at the dispensary will need to show government issued ID and those appearing under 25 will need two pieces.

Vancouver Police Department Constable Brian Montague said the operation now selling recreationally won’t change the police’s approach.

“Those who engage in illegal acts always run the risk of unwanted police attention,” said Montague.

The business lists two locations in Vancouver, 1182 Thurlow St. and 880 East Hastings St.