Back in the day, we used to get baked in the most ridiculous and stupid ways. I could say it was because there were no other tools available, that we were young and the bong shop always checked ID. But the truth is, it was fun using those wacky ways to smoke weed and it added to the experience.

Thankfully, we have lived long enough to laugh at ourselves and moved on to better smoking devices. Just for a laugh, let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about the wacky ways that we used to smoke weed.

Gravity bong a scientific way to smoke weed

A gravity bong uses science to get you high. To make one, you cut the bottom off of a bottle, submerge it in a bucket, and place a removable bowl on the mouthpiece. 

Gravity bong a scientific way to smoke weed

As you light the bowl, slowly lift the bottle out of the water to draw in air and fill it with smoke.


Similar to a gravity bong, a lung works by creating a vacuum. You cut the bottom off a bottle (a common tool) and fashion a plastic bag around the bottle. Put a removable bowl on top, your lung is complete. 


You start off with the bag inside the bottle and pull it out slowly while lighting the bowl on the top of the bottle. Doing this forces air through the lit bowl and into the chamber, filling it with smoke. Once the bag is pulled out to full capacity, remove the bowl to inhale. Push the bag inside the bottle to force the smoke out of the lung.

Bottle tokes another wacky way to smoke weed

Another old-school method of smoking hash, bottle tokes made the most of every crumb. You make a small hole in a bottle with a lid and start smoking a joint or cigarette. Once you had a cherry going, you put a small nerd-sized piece of hash on it and gently put it through the hole inside the bottle. The hash will burn up and smoke like it’s on a stove element, leaving you with a bottle of hash smoke. 

Bottle tokes another wacky way to smoke weed

Hot knife

Hot knives are the old-school smoking method. It was a common way to smoke hash or oil but you could also hot knife flower. Today, we have replaced hot knives with electric nails and quartz bangers. Using a stove element, you heat up the ends of two butter knives and sandwich the hash between them.

Many people cut the end off of a bottle to catch all the smoke but those with experience just put the knives near their mouth. Needless to say, accidents happened often. There were many facial burns shaped like butter knives thanks to hot knives.

hot knives

Apple pipe a classic way to smoke weed

Apple pipes are a useful classic that can be made in a pinch. To make one, make a small tube through the apple, designating one side for your mouth and the other as a bowl. Carve out a bit more space for your bud to sit and suck up as much of the apple juice as possible.

Place your bud in the hole, light it and inhale. The best part of an apple pipe is that it’s edible; if you get a bad case of dry mouth, take a bite out of the side. 

apple pipe a classic way to smoke weed

Have you used any of these devices before? Have you got any good stories to share? Please add them to the comments below (you can always say it happened to a friend of yours).