Top 7 food items as a smoking device for weed

Every stoner has gone through the struggle of wanting to smoke weed but not having anything to smoke it with. Fortunately, you can make your own smoking device for weed out of easily accessible food items. Much like rolling a joint, knowing how to carve fruit into a pipe is also a useful life skill. This article will show you exactly which fruits to use as a smoking device for weed in and how! Check our list below.

DIY Bongs and Pipes

The purpose of any smoking device is to separate your mouth from the hot cherry to prevent you from getting burnt. You can pretty much smoke out of anything, as long as you have a clear airway that allows you to inhale the smoke without burning your mouth. There are two options when making a DIY smoking device. You can either make a pipe or a bong depending on how much time and effort you want to put into the sesh. Pipes are simple to make and easy to carry around, whereas bongs take a little more effort and time to make but will give you big and smooth hits. Here are the top 7 food items you can repurpose to smoke out of.


Apple an ultimate smoking device for weed

Apples are the classic, and arguably the best food to smoke out of. Tried and true, tested by time, every stoner has tried or at least seen someone smoke out of an apple. They are easy to obtain, poke holes in, dispose of, and they even have a built-in bowl for your weed. 

apple as a smoking device for weed


To make a pipe out of an apple (and many other fruits and veggies), first, remove the stem– that little divot where the stem used to be will act as your bowl. You can also carve it out more to make a bigger bowl if the divot is too shallow. Then all you need to do is poke three holes. A corer would be the most effective tool but you can also just use a pen if you don’t have a corer. 

  • Hole #1: Make a tunnel from the divot down to the centre of the apple. 
  • Hole #2: Poke a hole through the side of the apple that connects to the tunnel down the centre– that will be the mouthpiece. 
  • Hole #3: Turn the apple a third of the way around and poke another hole through the side that also connects to the center tunnel–that will be your carb.
How to carve an apple

And that’s it! As long as all three holes converge at the center then you’re good to go. 

To smoke out of this apple pipe, pack some weed into the bowl at the top of your apple, put your mouth over the mouthpiece tunnel and your thumb over the carb, then just smoke like you would any other pipe.

Keep this process in mind because you can use it to make a pipe out of basically any fruit. Other fruits that you could try this method on are pears, oranges, or bananas but apples work the best in my opinion. 

Jalapeños an easy to make weed smoking tool

Probably the easiest and fastest food to repurpose, jalapeños make the perfect one-hitter pipe to spice up your sesh, literally. All you have to do is pull out the stem and bite the other end and bam, you have a mini pipe that will make your lips tingle. 

Jalapenos a great tool

Squash a pipe-shaped food to smoke weed

Squash is a pretty intuitive food to smoke out of because it’s already shaped like a pipe. The hard thing about making a squash pipe is that it’s harder to poke holes in compared to fruits which are softer. Also, if you have a long squash you have to make sure the holes are straight so that they all converge at one point. Carve the bowl on the wide end so that you smoke out of the thinner end. You’ll be surprised how natural it feels smoking out of a squash.

Squash as pipe

Starburst for sweet loving stoners

Want to have some sweet and fruity fun? Try smoking out of a pipe made out of Starburst candy! Unwrap a handful of starbursts, stack them up, and squish them together into a long rectangular block. (You can shape it however you like as long as you can poke the three holes and get them to converge at one point.) Hollow out a hole lengthwise, carve a bowl on the top of one end, poke another hole on the side as your carb, and you’re ready to blaze. This will be a tasty one!

Starburst for sweet loving stoners



Watermelons, or pretty much any type of melon, is great for making water bongs. For convenience, use a smaller melon, preferably one you can hold with one hand. 

Watermelon great for water bongs


First, you want to cut an opening at the top and use it as a lid. Next, scoop out the insides of the melon and keep the juice in there. Then, cut a hole on the side diagonally for the down stem and bowl.

You can use an extra bong bowl piece you have lying around, or you can make your own using a carrot. It’s very similar to making a pipe: just poke a hole through the carrot lengthwise, carve out a little bowl to pack your weed on one end, and stick it into the hole on the side of the melon. 


Poke another hole through the lid at the top of the melon for the mouthpiece. You can either just stick a straw in or use a one-hitter jalapeño as the mouthpiece.

Pour in some water, light it up, and let it rip. These melons will give you huge hits of sweet, mellow, tropical smoke that might just make you ditch your bong. 

Pineapple has great flavours

Smoking out of pineapple is another delicious way to blaze. The method is very similar to how the watermelon bong is made. Just hollow out the inside and make the holes for the down stem and mouthpiece. Pineapple is a little harder to work with but the amazing flavours of smoke you get are totally worth it.

Pineapple delicious bong

Pumpkin can be used to make big bongs

A pumpkin, the biggest bong you can make. This one is good for a group sesh. The process is again, very similar to the melon bong. Cut off the top (keep it as a lid) and hollow it out. You don’t have to scoop it clean like when you make jack o’lanterns. Next, make a hole on the side for the down stem and bowl. You can use a carrot or a regular bowl. Then, poke a hole at the top for the mouthpiece which can be a straw or jalapeño. You can use it with or without water (try without first). Now go pack a fat bowl and build up a massive hit in that giant gourd. 


Next time you don’t have something to smoke out of or you want to spice up your sesh with some fruity goodness, you can just make your own smoking device with these food items. Watch this video for a tutorial on how to make a smoking device for weed.

What foods have you used as a smoking device for your weed? Let us know in the comments and follow us @cannalifenet for more stoner tips and tricks.