october 17th

What October 17th Represents: Canada’s Cannabis Legalization

Canada may be legalizing cannabis tomorrow, October 17th, but we’re a long way off from ending prohibition.

And listening to cops, politicians and public health busybodies, you’d think Canada just legalized crystal meth.

Where is the discussion about bringing BC Bud out of the shadows and into an above-board, regulated regime?

In places like Alberta, cannabis connoisseurs who openly defied the law and engaged in civil disobedience will still be criminal.

In Manitoba and Quebec, where you are free to brew your own poison, growing the wrong type of plant can still land you in hot water.

Ontario and Quebec expect to lose money on legalization. Taxpayers’ money wasted. So much for “the children” when you squander their future with deficits and unfunded liabilities.

In B.C., Solicitor General Mike Farnworth isn’t talking about BC Bud tourism. He won’t allow well-established and respected dispensaries to be grandfathered in, even after October 17th. Whether they’re unlicensed or have paid licensing fees to their municipality.

There’s no talk of medical research or the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the plant. Governments across Canada are very clear about this. Cannabis is basically the same as alcohol and tobacco post- October 17th.

What does October 17th represent?

Former politicians and cops cashing in on the licensed producer system set up by the Harper government and adopted by Justin’s Liberals.

Bureaucrats who think legalization is an excuse to hire more public sector employees, to ramp up operations and create new cannabis categories of bureaucracy.

Cops think it’s an excuse to hire more police and increase funding.

Tomorrow, October 17th, represents more police funding, government-corporate weed, liquor control boards, online sales monopoly, road testing that violates basic human rights and decency, and “health and safety” propaganda about one of the world’s most medicinal plants.

Trudeau didn’t decriminalize in 2015 because he said it wouldn’t “keep profits out of the hands of criminals and organized crime.”

But isn’t that the point of legalization? To bring the thousands of current participants aboveground, regulate and tax them, keep them employed? They are the experts, after all.

No, the Liberals would rather have these growers and legal experts outsource their knowledge and skills to one of the large LPs.

It was an open secret.

The Liberal government had no intentions of legalizing BC Bud.

They believed they could tax and regulate, even eradicate and replace, an existing cannabis market. And replace it with their people, too boot. Former cops and politicians, people who made careers from the drug war are now cashing in.

The same people who threw cannabis connoisseurs in jail now wish to continue the process while they exempt themselves.

It’s the tale of the golden goose.

They saw the golden eggs that BC Bud is producing, so they promised legalization.

Cannabis connoisseurs mistakenly thought it was an opportunity to produce and sell without prosecution, so they voted Liberal. But politicians saw it a different way.

On October 17th, they rip open the golden goose to get the golden eggs, but just like the fable, all they’ll find is a dead goose no one wants.