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The community thanks The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary on its 10th anniversary

For the 10th anniversary of The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary (TMCD) opening its doors, we issued a call-out to patients, supporters, and staff alike to tell us, in front of the camera, about the impact TMCD has had on their lives- and the response was amazing.

It felt like the entire community came out to thank Dana Larsen and Dori Dempster for their “10 years of awesome service providing the community with much-needed medicine” as one person put it.

Everyone from local patients to politicians and activists came out to show support and love for TMCD, including Sarah Blyth, who’s running for Vancouver City Council and the founder of the  Overdose Prevention Site organizer, who said:

“Whenever I’ve ever needed anything or asked anything they’re always the first people to volunteer and the first people to help.”

Among the others that came out to thank The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary were the “Princess of Pot” Jodie Emery, activist Mary Jean “Watermelon” Dundson, Don and Carol from WEEDS, Neil Magnuson from the Cannabis Substitution Project, and Craig Ex from Expert Joints.

When Dana Larsen opened The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary’s first location at 880 East Hastings back in October 2008, it was only the third dispensary in Vancouver! Times have sure changed and fast forward to a decade later, Vancouver has around a hundred!

The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary has always believed in “Patients first”, and that philosophy still guides everything that Dana and Dori do, and that’s why Dana refuses to shut the doors and hope for a license like the government is telling the city’s dispensaries to do. He explains in much greater detail in our exclusive interview with him.

This video is proof why places like The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary need to exist and how the good work they do can lift up a neighborhood and be an integral part of the community.